What To Do In Banff In November
Johnston Canyon Icewalk with Discover Banff Tours

Looking for the best things to see and do in Banff in November?

November is one of the quietest times of the year to experience the Canadian Rockies, and the best time if you want to avoid the crowds with lots of different festivals and entertainment to choose from. Plus, if you’re looking for a unique winter experience, the popular icewalk tour to Johnston Canyon starts up again as the thundering falls begin to freeze.

1. See frozen falls at Johnston Canyon

Our most popular winter hiking tour starts in mid November! Take an ice walk tour to Johnston Canyon and see the frozen lower falls (where you can squeeze through a natural cave for a close up look if you like) and continue on to the awe-inducing upper icefalls from the upper deck where you’ll warm up with a hot chocolate. This tour is recognised as a Canadian Signature Experience – a collection of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences found only in Canada.

See frozen waterfalls on the Johnston Canyon Icewalk with Discover Banff Tours
Photo Credit: Travel Alberta / Stevin Tuchiwsky

2. See Lake Louise

Winter is approaching and there has never been a better time to see the rare sight of thawed, blue lakes with a blanket of snow around them. This narrow window is arguably the most beautiful time to see the world-famous Lake Louise. Not only will you have the place to yourself, but you’ll get to see it in a state not many ever do. Combine some Banff sightseeing with a scenic drive to Lake Louise on the Discover Banff & Lake Louise Fall Colours Tour. You might even see ice start to form on this famous lake!

See Lake Louise surrounded by snow on the fall tour with Discover Banff Tours
Photo Credit: Mital Patel @mitalpatelphoto

3. See a Show at Banff Centre

After a day of exploring, enjoy an outdoor concert or event at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. This world-class venue is a hidden gem in Banff and offers programming for the whole family. Discover Banff Tours is offering $5 off select shows using promo code DBT, such Canadian comedian Mary Walsh, award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist Laila Biali, and seasonal favourite, the Barra MacNeils East Coast Christmas Show.

The Banff Centre

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4. See the Canadian Rockies by helicopter

The Canadian Rockies are spectacular at any time of year – take to the skies on a sightseeing helicopter flight to see the turquoise rivers and lakes start to freeze, surrounded by golden foliage and snowcapped mountain peaks.

Sightseeing flights at the Icefields with Rockies Heli
Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Darren Roberts

5. Craft Beer Festival, Santa Claus Parade and More

November is the month of events in Banff! The start of the month sees the famous Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, followed by the Santa Claus Parade in mid November with an early start to celebrating holiday festivities as winter starts to set in. If you’re visiting in late November don’t miss the annual Banff Craft Beer Festival or the Banff Christmas Market.

Santa Claus Banff Parade
Photo Credit: Kelly MacDonald

6. Visit a wolfdog sanctuary

Located just an hour from Banff, the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary is a not-for-profit organisation that rehabilitates and regimes displaced wolf dogs. The sanctuary offers a variety tours to see wolf dogs up close and  and learn more about these amazing animals. The interactive tour offers a semi-private guided sanctuary experience but book ahead, this is their most popular and sells out weeks in advance.

Meet wolfdogs on the interactive tour at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

The best Banff activities in November

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See wolfdogs on the intro tour at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

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