It looks like the perfect time to visit! Check out all the Banff Sightseeing specials and favourite tours!


Horseshoe Canyon Raft + Horseback Ride

Combo Package; raft through exciting whitewater rapids through Horseshoe Canyon, then take a scenic horseback ride along the glacier-fed Bow

Columbia Icefields Parkway Tour

Travel along the world famous Icefields Parkway Highway and see, touch and even taste an ancient glacier on this thrilling
11 Hours
Most Popular

Banff Helicopter Flights

A once in a lifetime experience to fly over mountain peaks, alpine meadows, pristine lakes and to the "Matterhorn of
Throughout the day
25 Mins, 35 Mins, 45 Mins
See Banff's top sightseeing spots on the morning Discover Banff and Its Wildlife Tour
Family Fun

Discover Banff & Its Wildlife

Uncover the secrets of a historic mountain haven with a local guide leading the way as you gaze at stunning
3 Hours
See Lake Louise with Discover Banff Tours
Most Popular

Banff + Lake Louise Tours

Combo Package; experience the picture perfect viewpoints of Banff and the world-famous Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.  Included: Discover Banff
All Ages

Horseback + Gondola + Hot Springs

Combo Package; saddle up for a riverside ride, soar up to a mountain summit and soak in mineral hot springs. 


What To Do In Banff In June

In June the snow is melting, the lakes are thawing and the rivers are filling. It’s the perfect time to be outside! Here are our recommended top 6 June activities.

What To Do In Banff In May

Looking for the best things to do in May? Our furry neighbours are waking up, feeding on berries in the low valley bottoms and giving wildlife watchers a show! As summer inches closer lakes start to thaw and it’s the perfect time for water activities such as whitewater rafting and lake cruises.

What To Do In Banff In April

Looking for the best things to do in Banff in April? Spring is just around the corner in Banff and as the snow thaws we start to transition towards summer activities. Here are some of the best, from horseback rides to glacier adventures and wildlife tours.

32 Things to Pack for Banff Weather: A Seasonal Guide

The old saying in Banff goes, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 20 minutes.” Alberta temperatures are notorious for their unpredictable fluctuations and when traveling in the Rocky Mountains you never know what the weather will do next. So what should you pack when you visit Banff? Here are a few tips.

Getting From Calgary to Banff & Canmore: All the Options

We’ve come a long way from the days when the only way to get from Calgary to Banff was on horseback. You’ve now got a lot more options to choose from and whether you choose to drive, take a shuttle service, a bus, private transfer or taxi, the journey is truly spectacular.


Banff Average Temperatures

High Low
Celsius Fahrenheit Celsius Fahrenheit
January -5 23 -15 5
February 0 32 -11 13
March 4 40 -8 18
April 9 49 -3 27
May 14 57 2 31
June 20 72 5 41
July 25 82 7 45
August 24 80 7 44
September 17 66 3 38
October 10 50 -1 31
November 1 32 -8 18
December -5 23 -14 7

Banff Average Precipitation

January 2.4 38.2
February 1.7 30.0
March 1.6 27.0
April 10.6 26.3
May 42.4 17.1
June 58.4 1.7
July 51.1 0.0
August 51.2 0.0
September 37.7 7.0
October 15.4 18.9
November 6.0 33.6
December 2.8 43.9