“We Value Your Privacy”
At Discover Banff Tours we are committed to respecting your privacy. Our policy is to collect personal information from you to provide the best service possible once you are in the Canadian Rockies. In order to provide our services to you we will require your email address to send your confirmation and accommodation location to provide hotel pick up and/or contact you in resort when necessary. All information is held secure and is not given out to ANY other organization. In the event that we begin to provide newsletters you will be given the opportunity to opt out of receiving them during the reservation process with Discover Banff Tours.


Your Personal Information Is Safe With Discover Banff Tours. Discover Banff Tours, like our customers, is concerned about the safety of your personal information on our web site. With just one click, you can sign in securely to and have all of your transactions protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. These security standards are supported by 3.0 and later versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and other popular browsers. SSL encrypts your account information before they travel over the Internet.

To determine if you have a secure Internet connection, look on your browser for a padlock or key icon. You can also tell if your connection is secure by finding an “https” preceding the Web page url or address in your browser’s address box. Although you might not see the padlock icon, key icon or the “https” on your browser on some pages that allow you to sign in, Discover Banff Tours uses SSL encryption technology to secure your sign-in information whenever it is transmitted over the Internet.

SSL safe connection and secure transaction technology protects thousands of customers everyday who transmit their information online at