Helicopter Rides near Banff National Park

Gaze down at jagged peaks, icy turquoise lakes and dense pine forests during this amazing helicopter tour. Heli-sightseeing experiences last for up to 30 minutes and will take you soaring above some of the most spectacular sights of Banff National Park.

Looking for alpine hiking? Combine a scenic helicopter flight with a guided hike at 7,000 feet from your choice of routes on a heli hike tour.

Helicopter Sightseeing

Fly over mountain peaks, alpine meadows and pristine lakes or to the "Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies".  A helicopter sightseeing flight will leave you breathless. 12 Mins  - 3 Sisters Range An excellent tour for the first-time flyer in the Canadian Rockies. Escape to the Spray Valley and the spine of the Goat Range. 25 Mins - Royal Canadian Your journey will take you to new heights along the Goat and Sundance Ranges, where you will see mountain peaks, alpine meadows and pristine lakes. An extraordinary adventure not to be missed! 30 Mins - Mt Assiniboine This sensational flight will transport you to “The Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies”, which rises majestically to 3,611 metres (11,870 feet) along the Great Divide.
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Year Round
Throughout the day
12 Mins, 25 Mins, 30 Mins
Helicopter Tour near Banff, Canadian Rockies

Alpine Heli & Hike

Choose between a leisurely down slope stroll in the alpine meadows over looking Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park or a more aggressive path. Take the time to discover natural alpine landscapes on high mountain vistas. Feel free to explore while your experienced guide provides knowledgeable commentary on the areas geography, flora and fauna. This excursion offers a nine minute scenic helicopter flight which whisks over Canmore, up the Cougar Creek Valley to your secluded landing location on Mount Charles Stewart.
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Throughout the day
3.5 Hours