Banff Wildlife Tours

Watch rutting elk lock horns in combat, a family of bighorn sheep grazing, and shaggy-haired grizzly bears feast on buffaloberries. Seeing these creatures for the first time is a true Banff experience. On our wildlife watching tours, there’s no knowing what animals you might end up spotting. But our eagle-eyed guides know the top places to visit for the best chances of a sighting. On our popular Evening Wildlife Safari, keep your eyes peeled for animals such as elk, bears, bighorn sheep, deer and coyotes. Or to guarantee seeing a bear, join our Discover Grizzly Bears Tour and meet Boo – an orphaned bear who lives and plays in the world’s largest enclosed and protected grizzly bear habitat.

Learn about wolfdogs and meet these amazing animals up close at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. This not-for-profit organisation offers a variety of tours to educate the public on wolfdogs and raise awareness regarding wolf conservation.


  • We see wildlife on over 95% of our tours
  • Learn about animal behavior, eating habits and the conservation efforts being made to protect their natural environment
  • Buses are smaller so you have more interaction with the guide and everyone has a great view
  • Buses feature hands-on interpretive props to help you get a better understanding of the wildlife
  • Most tours are free for children aged five and under (please note that some tours have a strict minimum age)
Discover Banff and Its Wildlife view from Surprise Corner
Family Fun

Discover Banff & Its Wildlife

Uncover the secrets of a historic mountain haven with a local guide leading the way as you gaze at stunning views and visit Banff's key landmarks. The Town of Banff is an island of culture and history, surrounded by a
per person
3 Hours
All Ages
See elk and other animals on a Banff wildlife tour with Discover Banff Tours
Most Popular

Evening Wildlife Safari

Where do you find the animals of Banff when the sun goes down? Your guide will know! So keep your eyes peeled for twilight wildlife encounters. As the sun sets behind the craggy peaks, the wildlife of Banff National Park
per person
5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm, Varies seasonally
2 Hours
All Ages
The interactive tour allows you to feed wolfdogs at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary near Banff in the Canadian Rockies
Limited Space

Wolfdog Sanctuary – Interactive

Come enjoy an up-close and intimate look at wolves and wolfdogs on this semi-private guided sanctuary tour with plenty of photo opportunities. Gain a better understanding about wolf behaviour through the wolfdogs at the sanctuary and how this behaviour fundamentally differs
per person
10:30am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm
45 Mins
See wolfdogs on the intro tour at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Wolfdog Sanctuary – Intro

Want to know more about wolfdogs? Learn all about the sanctuary during a 30 minute introductory talk inside a wolfdog enclosure. During the tour guests are taken inside one of the wolfdog enclosures (behind a short barrier) and given a
per person
10:45am, 1:15pm, 2:15pm, 3:45pm, 12:15pm
30 Mins
Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary Sanctuary Walk in Cochrane

Wolfdog Sanctuary – Self Guided

This self-guided interpretive walk allows visitors to see the sanctuary and view and photograph the various packs of wolfdogs at your own pace. Educational signs are placed throughout the sanctuary, so visitors are able to learn interesting and key facts about
per person
Throughout the day
1 Hour
Grizzly Bear Refuge

Discover Grizzly Bears

Meet Boo at the Grizzly Bear Refuge! Seeing a bear in the flesh is a thrilling moment that will stay with you long after you’ve left the mountains. Meet Boo, a bear with paws the size of hubcaps, a mouth
per person
10 Hours
All Ages
See elk on wildlife tour with Discover Banff Tours

Private Wildlife Tours

Looking for a more in depth way to connect with Banff's wildlife? Book a private wildlife tour of Banff National Park for the best chances of animal sightings. Use one of our existing wildlife tours, the morning Discover Banff and
per person
5 Hours
All Ages