Summer Sightseeing Tours

The summer months in Banff are made for exploration and outdoor adventure.

As temperatures climb and the snow melts, Banff’s remote regions offer the chance to spend blue-sky days hiking, wildlife watching, rafting, and tucking into alpine picnics.

But to truly appreciate Banff in summer, we recommend exploring with a local guide. Not only will you learn more about the region you’re visiting, but you’ll get the chance to enjoy a few extra-special experiences — from trekking to a remote teahouse in the mountains and visiting an abandoned mining town, to riding across the Athabasca Glacier onboard a massive Ice Explorer.


  • Journey to natural wonders including Bow Falls, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Crowfoot Glacier
  • Learn about local wildlife, geology and the history of past explorers
  • Tours range in duration from a short three-hour trip to a two-day trek
  • Smaller buses and regular stops mean everyone will have a chance to ask the guide questions while capturing gorgeous photos of the Rockies
  • We spot wildlife on many of our tours and supply binoculars to make sure you get a closer look
Discover Banff and It's Wildlife

Discover Banff & Its Wildlife

Visit Banff viewpoints, landmarks and historic places on this popular half day sightseeing tour. Enjoy the stunning scenery and short walks to the must see locations, taking photos and watching for wildlife. Build a connection to our World Heritage Site on our trademark sightseeing tour as you visit Banff's landmarks and historic places. Hear how the 11,000 year old human history of the Bow Valley changed when three railway workers rediscovered the Cave & Basin, now a National Historic Site. See and learn about wildlife behaviour, habitat, and their winter survival adaptations.  Your time will be spent enjoying the sights, taking photos, and participating in short walks to view points, on the many stops of the tour. This is Banff's best tour for viewing wildlife. We see wildlife on over 95% of our tours!
per person
Apr – Nov
3 Hours
Discover Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Tour

Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

Visit the "Jewel of the Canadian Rockies", Lake Louise, and the world renowned Moraine Lake, both of which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The incredible glaciers, dramatic peaks and brilliant emerald waters of Lake Louise & Moraine Lake have wowed visitors since the 1890s. Experience the birthplace of Canadian mountaineering on this four hour tour. You will have enough time to take some souvenir photos at both lakes and walk to the Rockpile, a spectacular viewpoint at Moraine Lake. Story telling abounds on this trip as you learn of the mountaineering history and local legends of the area. Cameras are essential to capture bragging rights and proof of visiting two of Canada's most iconic locations.
per person
Apr – Oct
4 Hours
Columbia Icefields Parkway Tour

Columbia Icefield Parkway

Setting foot on the shimmering Athabasca Glacier is like taking a step back into the ice age. Locked in by mountains and glittering all the way to the horizon, this six kilometre-long sheet of ice reminds you of just how ancient the world can feel. On our Columbia Icefields Parkway Tours, an all-terrain Ice Explorer rumbles right out onto the glacier. As you stroll across this frozen expanse, take photos, breathe in the crisp alpine air, and be sure to fill up a flask of glacial water. It’s teeth-chattering cold, but delightfully refreshing! On this full day of sightseeing, you’ll also get to travel along one of the most scenic highways in the world, stop for an alpine picnic, and hear the tales of the early explorers who opened up the valleys.
per person
Apr – Oct
10 Hours
Vancouver to Banff
Early Bird!

Western Canada Explorer

The scenic route between Vancouver and Banff (or Banff to Vancouver) is full of spectacular sightseeing and Western Canadian frontier settlement legends. The route west was pioneered by the railway who built it through the mountains that divide Alberta and British Columbia, which at the time was considered an impossible project. Today we make the journey in a deluxe mini coach in either direction accompanied by an interpretive guide. Throughout the tour you will be entertained with facts, trivia and interpretive items that tell the tale of what it was like to work and travel through Western Canada in the early days. Stops and viewpoints along the way will give you a chance to stretch your legs, get the flavour of the area, and grab some fantastic photos. Each location has a story, and even a place in Canadian
Apr – Oct
2 Days
All Ages
Banff sightseeing

Discover Banff & Lake Louise – Fall Colours

The fall is a fantastic time for sightseeing and viewing wildlife. Foliage color start to change, the first hints of winter begin to appear and a low sun makes photographic opportunities more dramatic. This time of the year also heralds tremendous activity with the local elk population because of the rutting season.  This tour will give visitors a chance to see a few of Banff's highlights as well as spend time at Lake Louise for short walks and exploring on your own.  Throughout the tour as we move from Banff to Lake Louise and return your guide will do their best to point out local wildlife and explain what its like living in a national park with animals sometimes literally, on our doorsteps!
per person
5 Hours