Banff Ice Walks

In the winters of Banff National Park, sub-zero temperatures turn mighty waterfalls into glittering pillars of ice. Suspended in time, these frozen falls look almost otherworldly. It’s an experience that’s truly unique to Banff and that’s why we’re proud to operate all three icewalk tours in and around Banff National Park.

The most popular ice walk is the narrow gorge of Johnston Canyon which has a network of steel catwalks built into the canyon walls that allows you to walk right along this cathedral of ice. As you do, you’ll get to wander through a natural cave to gaze down at the flowering waters of the lower falls. Continue onto the awe-inducing upper falls — a glittering tower of ice that rise 30 metres above your head.

Want to add a touch of extra drama to your experience? Head back after dark on our night-time tour of the Johnston Canyon where your headlamp illuminates the way on the first leg of the trip.

Looking for that hidden gem? Grotto Canyon gives you a second icewalk option with less crowds where our guides will lead you along a frozen creek bed through a narrow canyon to see ancient native pictographs.


  • Choose between three unique canyon icewalk tours in and around Banff
  • Watch for wolves, moose, elk and coyotes while traveling through the Bow Valley Parkway wildlife corridor
  • Every icewalk tour includes ice cleats to keep you steady on your feet, hot chocolate and our famous maple cookies
See Johnston Canyon's frozen upper falls on a guided icewalk with Discover Banff Tours
Most Popular

Johnston Canyon Icewalk®

Water cascades into this narrow canyon in the heat of summer, but in the winter the thundering falls freeze solid to create natural ice sculptures.   Johnston Canyon is one of the most popular attractions in Banff National Park, and
per person
8:30am, 1:30pm
4 Hours
Banff Evening Icewalks at Night with Discover Banff Tours

Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk®

Your headlamp makes the frozen waterfalls of Johnston Canyon shimmer as you hike along the suspended catwalks in quiet darkness at night. The Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk is all about heightening your senses, appreciating the darkness, the scents of the
per person
6:30pm, 7:30pm
2.5 Hours
See frozen waterfalls on the Grotto Canyon Icewalk with Discover Banff Tours

Grotto Canyon Icewalk

Explore the icy beauty of Grotto Canyon and see ancient native pictographs using special hiking crampons to grip the smooth frozen creek bed. Here at Grotto Canyon, our Icewalk hikes the frozen creek bed through a narrow canyon, past unusual
per person
4 Hours
See magnificent frozen falls on the Grotto Canyon Icewalk Tour with Discover Banff Tours in the Canadian Rockies

Private Icewalk Tours

Looking for a new way to tour with your friends or family? Book a private icewalk tour of majestic Johnston Canyon or icy Grotto Canyon. Use one of our existing icewalk tours, the Johnson Canyon Icewalk, of a night on the
per person
5 Hours
All Ages