Guided Banff Hikes

As your boots crunch on a winding alpine trail, you stop to catch your breath. Far below, a turquoise lake glints in the late afternoon sun. Up ahead, a forest of pine trees stretches to the horizon. And rising above it all, the soaring tips of mountains shimmer under their blanket of winter snow.

There are hundreds of Banff hiking trails that serve up raw beauty like this. But our signature guided hikes allow you to experience the most scenic and inspiring places accessible by foot in the comfort of a small group. From the blossoming wildflowers of spring to the explosion of reds and oranges in the fall, our experienced guides will show you well-known trails and a few secret spots you may not have heard about.

Looking for a unique high-mountain hiking experience? Take a scenic helicopter flight up to land on Mount Charles Stewart at 7,000 feet for a guided alpine hike.


Hiking Lake Louise
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Guided Signature Hikes

With hundreds of hiking trails how do you know which one to choose? Come with us! Our guides have picked their four favourite 'signature' trails. We have selected what we consider the best of the best when it comes to getting
per person
7 Hours
Alpine Heli Hike Landing at Charles Mount Stewart

Private Banff Heli & Hike

The ultimate private hiking experience! Take a scenic helicopter flight to a secluded area high above the Bow River Valley for a guided high-alpine hike.   Experience one of the best days of hiking you can ever imagine! With little
per booking
9:30am, 1:00pm
3 Hours

Private Hiking Tours

Looking for a guide to lead your group on Banff or Lake Louise's hiking trails? Our private full-day hiking tours cover the most popular and some lessor known local favourite routes. Use one of our signature hiking tours, such as
per person
10 Hours
All Ages