We’ll make sure you don’t just see Banff; you’ll feel it too. Your knowledgeable guide will be ready to share those stories that make this place—pure magic. You’ll travel easier in smaller groups using shuttles where everyone gets a good view. You will even have the time to breathe the crisp mountain air and shout out “Wow! this is incredible!” whenever you wish.

We can’t wait to show you our backyard!

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What To Do in Banff in March

Looking for the best things to see and do in Banff in March? While officially February marks the end of winter, there's still plenty of sub-zero weather and snowy fun to be had! As the temperatures start to warm a little it's the perfect weather for activities such as skiing, snow tubing, winter hikes and more.
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What To Do In Banff In April

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From the mountains to the sea with youuu 🥳

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Hoping these past couple of weeks is the last of the snow as we enter the spring season, but this is likely wishful thinking!

As we begin to enter a busier season, we encourage riders to check our website and social media for updates! Whether it’s an additional shuttle, start of our summer tours, delays or other news, we will always do our best to make sure you are aware.

A reminder that if you do need to reach us or have any questions, the best way to get a hold of us is through email or giving us a call!

Photo by Kimberly Genest

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As of this season, you can no longer drive up to Morraine Lake to see that famous view in Banff National Park. 

Parks Canada is closing the road to personal vehicles because it was overrun with traffic.  It was so bad that many people couldn’t get there.

So, how do you get there now?

🚍Parks Canada has a shuttle bus to Lake Louise and Morraine Lake from the Lake Louise Ski Resort, where you can park.  It runs June through October.  Book online with Parks Canada in advance.  The shuttle is $8 per adult.

🚍Take a ROAM transit bus from Banff to Lake Louise, then transfer to the Morraine Lake Connector Shuttle.  This costs $25/adult.

🚌Take a guided tour.

TIP:  if you want to see the beautiful turquoise colour of Morraine Lake, wait until late June to go.  The lake can still be partly frozen in early June and the colour isn’t as good until later in the month.

Note that this photo was taken on a late August morning when there was forest fire smoke in the air.

*Save this post for your trip to Banff National Park

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It’s the first day of Aries ♈️!
The day that Z is Dead, and S lives to only Profess 
Our Profession in the Canadian Rockies, and no where else because this is the Top of the Rock in my Heart!

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It’s 2023 and the world will never be the same in the Canadian Rockies! 

Locals woke early one summer morning to the rumble of a massive earthquake deep under the great divide.

Little did they know the earthquake opened a once permanently blocked corridor to a monstrously huge underworld under the Mountain Parks. It’s as though all the weight of the mountains above were magnetically imprinted in a mirror image below! 

The opening found just North East of Devils Gap is a moderate pond that empties into the deep abyss. 

Now that the two worlds are now once again we will now learn about the oldest lost legends of North America. He’s not Sasquatch nor Big Foot. His genealogy is much older than those little buggers! 

The indigenous refer to him as Ponderosa Toe if ya don’t know, and he towers 270ft tall when full gown. 

Some ponds are remnants of where he could of slept millions of years ago before the two worlds were separated by violent earthquakes caused by the vibrations of massive comet passing through the lunar orbit of our Earth.

Being 270 ft tall Apex Predator made him the King of The Rockies like no other before or after his kind actually shaped the landscape!

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In case you didn’t know, Moraine Lake is now officially closed to personal vehicles. There are still multiple ways you can get there, including taking our shuttle to Banff and then hoping on their shuttle system or taking a tour with us! We always recommend that you plan ahead and make sure you know what’s open for you to visit. 

Check out our website for more information on our shuttles and tours – link in bio!

Photo by Aniket Deole

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Most people thinks this is the best place in Canada!
And we do unforgettable tours to here almost everyday.
C'mon! Jump in.
Do you also think this is the best place in Canada?
Share your thoughts!
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Thanks to: lefrench_explorer
Our tours are fun!
Because we love people and nature.
Why dont you join us!
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Amazing educational experience with Heidi on the trails tonight. Couldn't have asked for a better guide 💞 banfftours 

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