Jasper National Park Tours

Located four hours from Banff, Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies and filled with dramatic, untamed wilderness. Make the most of the stunning Icefields Parkway (one of the most scenic drives in the world!) as you drive between Banff and Jasper with an Icefields helicopter tour.

Hoping to see local wildlife? Take the daily Wildlife Discovery Tour and learn about Jasper’s most iconic animals from local guides.

One of the most popular Jasper tours visits Maligne Valley, followed by a boat cruise to famous Spirit Island or a guided hike.

Rockies Heli Sightseeing Tours at the Icefields

Icefields Helicopter Flights

See the Canadian Rockies on spectacular Icefields heli sightseeing flights with glaciers, icefalls, waterfalls, alpine lakes and 11,200 foot peaks. Located 25 minutes from the famous Columbia Icefields between Banff and Jasper, these helicopter tours are perfect for those who
per person
Throughout the day
20 Mins, 30 Mins, 55 Mins
All Ages
Maligne Lake Boat Cruise to Spirit Island

Maligne Valley Sightseeing Tour

Take an amazing guided interpretive drive up the Maligne Valley followed by a Maligne Lake boat cruise to the famous Spirit Island or a guided hike. The exploration will include a stop at Maligne Canyon for a gentle guided walk
per person
5.5 Hours
All Ages
See grizzly bears on a wildlife tour in Jasper National Park

Discover Jasper & Its Wildlife

Join the daily Wildlife Discovery Tour with knowledgeable guides who are trained to seek out Jasper’s most iconic creatures - big and small! Big or small, there are lots of animals to see in Jasper! Elk, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain
per person
5:30pm, 3:45pm, 4:30pm
3 Hours
All Ages