Lake Louise Winter Iceskating
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Discover Lake Louise

A vast frozen lake surrounded by sparkling snow and an amphitheatre of snow-dusted mountain peaks - Lake Louise is postcard-perfect in winter.  Lake Louise transforms into a real life snow globe in the winter that has to be seen to be believed. On this full day tour you’ll have plenty of time to explore on your own: borrow our snowshoes and explore the many trails, wander the shoreline and take in the iconic views, and warm up with a hot drink or a leisurely lunch at the elegant Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. To make the most of your visit, rent a pair of ice skates and skate on the frozen lake - an authentic Canadian experience! From late January to mid March you can even skate around an impressive ice castle and ice sculptures. Horse drawn sleigh rides
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7 Hours
Discover Banff and Its Wildlife view from Surprise Corner

Discover Banff & Its Wildlife

Uncover the secrets of a historic mountain haven with a local guide leading the way as you gaze at stunning views and visit Banff's key landmarks. The Town of Banff is an island of culture and history, surrounded by a sea of untamed wilderness. This tour enriches your visit with stories of 11,000 years of history, hidden in these rugged hills. Navigate a half-day journey to some of the most important landmarks in the area. You'll stop at the iconic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Bow Falls, Lake Minnewanka and the “oh wow!” view at Surprise Corner. Venture down peaceful pine-scented trails and learn about wildlife habitat and behaviour. Ask as many questions as you like, as our guides are experts and love to share their knowledge.  Don’t forget your camera - we spot wildlife on 95% of these tours.
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3 Hours
Moraine Lake Rockpile Hike in Summer
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Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

See two of the world's most beautiful lakes including iconic Lake Louise - famous for its jewel-like water nestled between rugged peaks. These stunning alpine lakes look too beautiful to be real. On this sightseeing tour you will visit the "Jewel of the Canadian Rockies", Lake Louise, and the world renowned Moraine Lake, both of which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of their priceless natural beauty. They'll stop you in your tracks in awe. Wander the shoreline at Lake Louise and see the Victoria Glacier and the famous Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel, and then snap some shots of Moraine Lake in the beautiful Valley Of The Ten Peaks. Join your guide for a short walk up the Rockpile at Moraine Lake, where you'll find the iconic view that was once on the back of
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4 Hours
Banff Sunrise Photography Tour at Two Jack Lake

Banff Sunrise Photography Tour

Learn how to photograph a Banff sunrise like a pro at the breathtaking mountain landscape of Two Jack Lake on this beginner photography tour. This two and a half hour photography workshop will guide the beginner photographer through essential camera settings and exposure techniques used by the professionals to capture a stunning landscape image. Upon arrival at Two Jack Lake, approximately 1 hour prior to sunrise, your photography instructor will begin your session with an introduction to the technique and process of sunrise photography. We’ll discuss how your camera settings such as shutter, aperture and ISO impact your image and how to use your histogram to get the perfect exposure. After the introduction, your instructor will assist you in finding a composition that is well balanced for landscape photography. Enjoy the remainder of the workshop taking the opportunity to
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Varies, before sunrise
2.5 Hours
See Lake Louise with Discover Banff Tours

Deluxe Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

This deluxe tour gives you more time to wander and soak up the beauty of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake at one of the quietest times of day. The pale turquoise hue of Lake Louise comes from sunlight reflecting off mountain-dust particles suspended in the glacial melt-water. It's a natural wonder that you just can’t stop staring at. We'll take our time meandering through the Bow Valley Parkway and savour an early barbecue dinner in the fresh air at the rustic Baker Creek Mountain Resort. We’ll visit Lake Louise at one of the quietest times of the day so you can avoid the crowds, and there will plenty of time to wander on your own. You can also enjoy an interpretive nature walk around the shoreline with your certified guide. After marveling at Moraine Lake from a scenic viewpoint,
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6 Hours
Wildlife Evening Safari Elk
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Evening Wildlife Safari

Where do you find the animals of Banff when the sun goes down? Your guide will know! So keep your eyes peeled for twilight wildlife encounters. As the sun sets behind the craggy peaks, the wildlife of Banff National Park become more active in the cool hours before dark. We see wildlife on 95% of our tours, so this is your best chance to get up close with some of Banff’s wildest residents. Your guide will lead a safari to the hotspots where you are most likely to see Rocky Mountain creatures. You might spot an elk sauntering across a clearing, a mountain goat perched high on a ridge, and sometimes even a grizzly bear snuffling through a berry bush. You’ll also learn about how the park protects these animals and their natural habitat from many threats to the
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5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm
2 Hours
Grizzly Bear Tours, Banff

Discover Grizzly Bears

Meet Boo at the Grizzly Bear Refuge! Seeing a bear in the flesh is a thrilling moment that will stay with you long after you’ve left the mountains. Meet Boo, a bear with paws the size of hubcaps, a mouth full of sharp teeth and enormous muscles moving beneath his shaggy fur. He saunters slowly through his 20-acre habitat in the Rocky Mountain bush, allowing you to watch him explore, hunt and forage just like his wild cousins. You’ll also hear his personal story and learn about grizzly bear behaviour during your visit to the largest enclosed grizzly bear habitat in the world. The tour includes stops at gorgeous Takakkaw Falls (the second highest waterfall in Canada!) and stunning Emerald Lake. We’ll also take a gondola ride up to the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, where you’ll enjoy
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10 Hours
Canada Place Vancouver Western Canada Explorer

Western Canada Explorer

This one-way interpretive, overnight tour from Banff to Vancouver (or Vancouver to Banff) takes you through the still-wild west of Alberta and B.C. The first pioneers attempted to lasso the wilds of Western Canada with long stretches of railway track. The steep rocky terrain fought back and, at times, the mountains seemed too enormous to tame. With blood, sweat, tears and dynamite they carved a path through the sky-piercing peaks. The route is still used to this day. Now you can journey in modern comfort in a deluxe mini coach, traveling 850kms through four of Canada’s earliest national parks. The tour includes stops in Lake Louise and the famous Spiral Tunnels, Giant Cedars Boardwalk, Glacier National Park, the Cascade Mountains and the Gold Rush country along the Fraser River.
per person
Banff 8:00am (MST), Vancouver 2:00pm (PST)
2 Days
Banff sightseeing

Discover Banff & Lake Louise – Fall Colours

The fall is a fantastic time for sightseeing and viewing wildlife in Banff National Park. Foliage color start to change, the first hints of winter begin to appear and a low sun makes photographic opportunities more dramatic. This time of the year also heralds tremendous activity with the local elk population because of the rutting season.  This tour will give visitors a chance to see a few of Banff's highlights as well as spend an hour at Lake Louise for short walks and exploring on your own. Throughout the tour as we move from Banff to Lake Louise and return your guide will do their best to point out local wildlife and explain what its like living in a national park with animals sometimes literally, on our doorsteps!
per person
5 Hours
Hourly rides and backcountry horseback vacations
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Horseback Ride – Bow River 1 Hr

A 1 hour horseback ride along the Bow River and past the natural sulphur hot springs flowing from the Cave & Basin - the original historic hot springs. Ride along the tranquil Bow River – an area home to wildlife in amongst the thick marshes and grassy meadows. And if you look up, you might spot an eagle or hawk soaring through the sky. Pass by the historic Cave and Basin – the birth place of Banff National Park. Here craggy rock walls surround pools of bubbling thermal water. And of course, as you follow the winding trail on this ride, you’ll get unspoiled views of the magnificent Rocky Mountains the entire time.
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9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
1 Hour