Horseback Ride to a Cowboy Steak Cookout with Discover Banff Tours

Raft + Cowboy Cookout Horseback Ride

Combo Package; raft through exciting whitewater rapids and then saddle up for a horseback ride to a barbecue dinner. Included: Horseshoe Canyon Whitewater Rafting (8:15am - 12:00pm) Start your day with exciting whitewater thrills on class 3-4 whitewater rapids at
per person
Family Carriage Ride in Banff, Canadian Rockies
Family Fun

Carriage Rides

See the highlights of Banff in style on a private horse-drawn carriage ride tour or arrange a custom carriage ride transfer for a special event. Each carriage can hold up to six passengers and we offer three regular tours from
per booking
Throughout the day
15 Mins, 30 Mins, 1 Hour
All Ages
Backcountry Sundance Overnight Horseback Ride in Banff, Canadian Rockies with Discover Banff Tours

Sundance Overnight – 1 Night

Want to experience the unspoiled wilderness of Banff on horseback, but don’t have a lot of time? Then this 2 day overnight trip is perfect for you. Meander along a trail that takes you to the tranquil Bow River. Relax
per person
2 Days
9yrs+, 230lbs limit
Backcountry Sundance Overnight Horseback Ride in Banff, Canadian Rockies with Discover Banff Tours

Sundance Explorer – 2 Nights

Rugged mountain scenery and an abundance of wildlife. And when the sun sets, you’ll be relaxing in pure backcountry lodge comfort. Cowboy style. This adventure takes you along the glacier-fed waters of the Bow River, one of the best spots
per person
3 Days
9yrs+, 230lbs limit
Backcountry Horseback Ride with Discover Banff Tours

Erling Strom Trail Lodge – 3 Nights

Ride through Alberta’s Wild West, tracing the paths that the early pioneers used while exploring these untamed forests. On this trip you will follow the Erling Strom Trail, a path forged through the dense Banff forests by renowned explorer Erling
per person
4 Days
9yrs+, 230lbs limit
Ride to Allenby Pass summit

Halfway Lodge – 5 Nights

The ultimate backcountry trip, few folks ever get to experience a place like this with rugged scenery and quintessential mountain log cabin comfort. Sky-piercing mountains stretch out across the landscape, their peaks crusted with ice and snow. The air is
per person
6 Days
Thursday, Sunday
9yrs+, 230lbs limit