Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled. Although we see wildlife on 95% of our tours, you still need a little bit of luck. Here’s a list of animal sightings on our latest Banff Evening Wildlife Safari Tour.

Respect the Wildlife While it’s a thrill to see wildlife in their natural surroundings, it is crucial to be respectful and not to encroach on their environment. The Parks Canada website has a helpful guide to safe wildlife viewing that is a must-read before you visit Banff. You should never

A grizzly bear galumphs through the underbrush, 500 pounds of muscle wrapped in shaggy brown fur. An enormous moose sloshes through a soggy wetland, gooey strands of algae hanging from it’s six-feet-wide antlers. A pair of male Bighorn rams face off head to head, the clashing of their horns so

Latest images from Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, shared by our guests via Instagram @banfftours #banfftours. They manage to capture some of the best day to day mountainscapes, wildlife, adventures, activities and fun with our guides. Providing extra inspiration if you don’t already have enough.  

Our guests tonight saw many Columbian Ground Squirrels… and then a sneaky coyote lurking around the corner! They also saw a group of male (bull or stag) elk. Bull elk tend to hang out in small “bachelor” groups of 2 – 5 most of the year, except during the rut.

The tour had another lucky experience tonight, with a wolf from the Bow Valley pack being spotted watching our bus warily. Guide Lauren got this shot through the bus door. Normally quite shy of people, wolves are uncommon to see, but have been spotted more recently as the pack shifts

Did you know black bears are not always black? Around 40% of the black bears in Banff National Park are what’s called “Cinnamon Bears” – brown colored black bears. Black bears can also be grey-blue and white! Last nights evening wildlife safari guests saw a cinnamon black bear, sheep, elk

The Lake Minnewanka loop was very busy last night – no wonder Parks Canada declared it a major wildlife corridor! In that area alone we saw a black bear, bighorn sheep (rams and ewes) and elk.

Elk and sheep and muskrats, oh my! I know what you’re thinking – seeing elk and big horned sheep is sure neat, but muskrats? Don’t worry, they’re a LOT cooler than their name makes them out to be. Think of them as field mice turned mermaid. The cool thing about