Dogsledding – why you need to book early!
Drive your own sled of dogs on a dogsledding adventure at Spray Lakes

Banff Dogsledding Tours

Iconic to the great white north and our most popular activity is dogsledding. These docile and well-trained animals take you on a journey like no other through our Rocky Mountains.

With four Banff dogsledding tour options to choose from in two locations, we have options to suit all needs and family size. Like sleigh rides, this is another great family winter activity that allows parents to take their children (infants 0-5 y/o often riding at a lower cost) on this unique experience. Tours range from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Banff National Park Dogsledding Tours (Lake Louise)

Want to mush at beautiful Lake Louise in Banff National Park? Get a taste for dogsledding on a 30 minute dogsled on an guide driven sled through an area that looks like ‘Narnia’ or take a longer 1.5 hour dogsled to a pass at the Continental Divide where your guide will encourage you to try ‘driving’ the team home under their supervision. Lake Louise is the best dogsledding location for a more relaxed, romantic dogsled ride as these lean race style dogs take you through stunning winter landscapes with views of the tallest peaks and icy glaciers.


Lake Louise Dogsledding Tours

Great Divide Dogsled Tour in Lake Louise, Alberta
Limited Space

Lake Louise + Dogsledding

Combo Package; spend a day ice skating, snowshoeing and exploring Lake Louise's winter wonderland, with an iconic dogsledding experience. Included:
All Ages
Banff Dogsledding
Limited Space

Dogsledding - Great Divide 1.5 Hrs

The most popular dogsledding tour at Lake Louise takes you along the base of giant peaks in Banff National Park
9:30am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm
1.5 Hours
Banff Dogsledding
Limited Space

Dogsledding - Narnia 30 mins

This 30 minute tour captures the very best of the spectacular landscape and is the perfect introduction to dogsledding in
30 Mins

“A romantic and unique experience! A must do in Lake Louise. Reserve your spots fast, we sell out quick.”

 Lindsey, Discover Banff Tours Group Sales Manager

Banff Dogsledding Tours (Canmore, Spray Lakes)

Looking to experience the thrill of mushing your own sled at Spray Lakes near Canmore? The best-value option is the Powder Hound Express Tour – a 1 hour sled ride followed by hot drinks by a cosy campfire. Or, extend your dogsledding adventure complete with a traditional campfire lunch on the 4 hour Sunfeather Winterlude Tour. These tours are ideal for anyone who wants to drive their own sled or those seeking a more intense, high energy dogsledding experience as these fluffy huskies run past alluring hills, tranquil valleys and ice-covered lakes.

Canmore Dogsledding Tours

Dogsledding - Sunfeather Winterlude 4 Hrs

A longer tour with the option to drive your own dog sled in picturesque Spray Lakes, Canmore. Glide through entwined
4 Hours
Snowy Owl Tours Dogsled Tour
Limited Space

Dogsledding - Powder Hound 2 Hrs

This is the best value for money dogsledding tour that guarantees you a hands-on experience to drive your own sled
9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm
2 Hours

“An exciting once in a lifetime adventure! The dogs are adorable and fun to spend the afternoon with.”

SamanthaSam, Discover Banff Tours Reservations Agent

The best winter activity in Banff is also our most popular so it is important to remember that booking early is crucial to avoid disappointment. So, what exactly makes this activity the most popular attraction? Well, to start, dog lovers everywhere go crazy for this tour as they get to spend quality time with their mushers and four-legged guides before, during, and after the activity.

These dogs are bred specifically for running and their most favourite thing to do is just that – run. Upon arrival at the tour location, the dogs will be going nuts. Jumping, barking, and whimpering with excitement as they get ready to do their favourite thing. Other dogs on the sidelines bark back in jealousy, but they’ll get their turn. All dogs are rotated so that they get their rest, food, and water in between tours.

Get to know the dogs on a dogsled tour at Spray Lakes in the Canadian Rockies
Photo Credit: Travel Alberta / Mike Seehagel

The dogs’ excited barks and whimpers immediately stop once they start doing what they love. There are no motors, no unwanted sounds, and no distractions – just the crisp air hitting your face as your sleigh glides along in silence. The experience is up to you.

If you want to take it in with your family or partner without any talking, that is okay. Or, your musher can give you as much or as little information as you like – they’ll tell you about the history of this activity, the area, and the personalities of the dogs. Each musher also has a unique story themselves and how they grew to have such a unique occupation. These are authentic locals to the area both the dogs and mushers!

Dog sledding in Banff is an activity that has to be done in order to understand the impact it can make on you. Everything about this activity is organic and immersive, and you’ll soon realize why it’s the most popular activity in Banff and why you need to book early to secure your spot.