Banff’s Top 5 Best Attractions There’s so much to do, it’s impossible to fit it all in during a single visit.  And yet, you don’t want to miss out on the absolute best attractions. So that’s where this quick guide comes in. As someone who’s experienced Banff as both a local

What to do in Banff, a month by month calendar. Banff is a town that really knows how to celebrate life. Whether rejoicing about the beginning of the winter season, Canada’s birthday or Alberta’s great craft beers, there is always a reason for a party in this mountain retreat. And

Our guests tonight saw many Columbian Ground Squirrels… and then a sneaky coyote lurking around the corner! They also saw a group of male (bull or stag) elk. Bull elk tend to hang out in small “bachelor” groups of 2 – 5 most of the year, except during the rut.

The Lake Minnewanka loop was very busy last night – no wonder Parks Canada declared it a major wildlife corridor! In that area alone we saw a black bear, bighorn sheep (rams and ewes) and elk.

Elk and sheep and muskrats, oh my! I know what you’re thinking – seeing elk and big horned sheep is sure neat, but muskrats? Don’t worry, they’re a LOT cooler than their name makes them out to be. Think of them as field mice turned mermaid. The cool thing about