Combo Package; take a scenic float along the Bow River, then ride a chairlift up to 7,000′ overlooking Banff.

Included: 1 Hour Canmore Float Tour

Take a gentle one hour float trip with a river guide through stunning glacial blue waters, towering mountain peaks and diverse wildlife along the Bow River in Canmore. Sit back, relax and soak it all in, as the stories and local history of the Canadian Rockies captivates your imagination while you keep your eyes peeled for wildlife on the shores.

Included: Banff Sightseeing Chairlift

Take an 8-minute scenic open-air chairlift ride into the sky up to 7,000 feet over a natural grizzly and black bear habitat at Mt Norquay. At the top, enjoy spectacular views looking down over Banff and across Spray and Bow Valleys with the stunning jagged edges of Mt Rundle as a feature for all your photos from the comfort of the Cliffhouse Bistro or the interpretive walkway.

Activities in this package can be taken on the same day or on different days.

The best parts of the Canmore Float Tour for most people include the following:


Family friendly

This tour is suitable for children aged 3 years (30 lbs) and up, and enjoyed by all ages and adventure levels as the experienced guides take care of everything for you.

1 hour on the Bow River

Inspiring mountain views, sparkling river water, and the chance to view wildlife – just some of the amazing experiences of your scenic float tour of the Bow River.

The best parts of the Banff Sightseeing Chairlift for most people include the following:


Ride to 7,000 feet at Mount Norquay

Take a scenic eight-minute ride into the sky in an open-air chairlift as you pass over natural grizzly and black bear habitat while experiencing breathtaking views of the iconic Mt Rundle.

Mountain top dining and facilities

Enjoy incredible views of the iconic Mt. Rundle and Bow Valley while dining at 7,000ft overlooking the town of Banff at the Cliffhouse Bistro, or from the viewing boardwalk and sightseeing platform. Guests can also take advantage of the hiking trails or cabled mountain climbing at the Via Ferrata.
The float tour includes up to one hour on the Bow River, and lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours in total. The tour runs daily at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.
The tour includes up to one hour on the Bow River, a professional river guide on each raft and all equipment – a lifejacket (mandatory) and optional rain jacket.
The meeting point is at the Canmore boat launch site in Canmore, approximately a 30 minute drive from Banff and a 5-10 minute walk from downtown Canmore. The guiding team will meet you at the river’s edge and detailed driving instructions will be included in your booking confirmation. Public parking can be found in this parking lot or on the roadside.

Hotel pickup is also available from most hotels in Canmore, please select your hotel when booking. For guests in Banff, there is the Roam Transit regional route that runs to Canmore which would take you within a 10 minute walk of the meeting point.

The smallest lifejackets are rated for children that are 30 lbs (13.7kgs) or more in weight. It would be great if everyone to be able to come on the river but safety is always the top priority. If you have young children please ensure that they meet the minimum weight requirement. Children under 18 years must have an adult accompanying them.
This is a tricky one to answer! In most cases, no you will not. That said, on a few occasions the group can experience the odd splash or two.

The rafts are what is known in the industry as ‘self-bailing’ rafts, meaning that there are manufactured spaces around the join of the floor and side structure of the raft. Because the raft is inflatable, the whole structure floats on the surface of the water. This allows any water to drain out of the boat without the need to bail it out with a bucket (which isn’t fun for anyone involved!). Occasionally water splashes in through these holes as the raft floats along the river. Therefore it’s recommended to wear footwear that you wouldn’t mind a few splashes on, even though this is rare.

The tours run daily during the summer months and the weather is typically beautiful. That said, the mountains can change their mood quite quickly. Just in case the weather turns and you forget your rain gear, they carry rain jackets for all ages and sizes on board the rafts.

The guides ensure that all you have to do is sit back and relax. The 16 foot inflatable rafts have what is called a ‘stern oar frame’ mounted on the back. This means the guide will be at the stern of the raft (the back) propelling and steering the raft along the float tour with oars. You can share the experience of sitting in the guide’s seat as someone takes over the oars (normally the little ones, we take no offence if Mom and Dad would rather chill!). The guides are always completely aware however, of where and when this is safe.
Adults of all ages are welcome on the float tours and those well into their 80’s enjoy the adventures. The pathway to the river where the tour begins and ends is very gentle and manageable for any age or ability and the guides are very helpful in lending a hand.
Guests are more than welcome to bring a camera, or any other means of photography device with them. Naturally, caution is advised since they don’t float so well if you drop them overboard. The Bow River in Canmore is a very gentle float but there is the possibility that one chooses to take a picture just as a small wave rocks the boat, and there goes your favourite selfie stick with your phone attached!

As an alternative the guides carry with them a high quality DSLR zoom lens camera in the event that there are any unique wildlife sightings along your river adventure. Depending on the location of the sighting it cannot be guaranteed that it is a safe spot on the river to pull over for photos, or in the interests of not disturbing the wildlife’s natural activities the raft may have to gently float on. Support staff will also take a series of riverside shots with high quality DSLR zoom lens cameras to provide guests without cameras, or those that wish to purchase a copy, to leave the trip with high quality photos of their Canmore float tour.

Safety is the highest priority and no matter how pretty those mountains look, you will never be taken down the river if it is felt to be unsafe. Water levels are assessed daily, but thankfully during the summer months, on this stretch of the Bow River the water is very calm. A professionally guided float tour along the Bow River in Canmore is probably one of the best river float sections for someone new to traveling on rivers.
There is a 48 hour cancellation policy, which allows you to change/cancel or refund your booking up to 48 hours outside your booked tour (up to 7 days for group bookings).
Tips are not expected, but are certainly appreciated. If you think your guide did a wonderful job and would like to indicate that with a tip, it will be graciously accepted.
The North American Lodge at Mount Norquay is located on Mt Norquay Road in Banff, only a five minute drive from downtown. Detailed driving instructions will be provided in your booking confirmation and there is ample car parking available. Guests can also take advantage of the free shuttle bus that runs hourly from Banff.

Free Shuttle Bus Schedule (Valid from June 14th, 2019)

Location Times
Juniper Hotel (to Banff) 08:42 09:42 10:42 11:42 12:42 13:42 14:42 15:42 16:42 17:42 18:27 19:27
Train Station Info Centre 07:55 08:50 09:50 10:50 11:50 12:50 13:50 14:50 15:50 16:50 17:50 18:35 19:35
Banff Avenue – South Bound – At Elk St 07:57 08:52 09:52 10:52 11:52 12:52 13:52 14:52 15:52 16:52 17:52*
Banff Park Lodge (Opposite) 08:00 08:55 09:55 10:55 11:55 12:55 13:55 14:55 15:55 16:55 17:55*
ARRIVES AT NORQUAY 08:10 09:10 10:10 11:10 12:10 13:10 14:10 15:10 16:10 17:10 18:10*
RETURN TO BANFF 09:35 10:35 11:35 12:35 13:35 14:35 15:35 16:35 17:20 18:20 19:20 20:20
* Operates until September 8 2019 only
During the summer, the chairlift runs from 9am to 7pm, with the last ride down at 7:30pm. In the fall, the chairlift runs from 10am to 6pm, with the last ride down at 6:30pm. Please refer to your booking confirmation for seasonal operating hours.
During the summer, the chairlift runs from 9am to 7pm, with the last ride down at 7:30pm. In the fall, the chairlift runs from 10am to 6pm, with the last ride down at 6:30pm. Please refer to your booking confirmation for seasonal operating hours.
The chairlift ride is approximately eight minutes each way. Plenty of time to spot some wildlife!
Unlike an enclosed Gondola, an open-air chairlift allows you to ride up the mountain with your legs dangling freely below you. Each chair is outfitted with a safety bar so you aren’t in any danger of falling out.
Jaw dropping vistas, high-alpine dining in an avalanche proof restaurant, Cliffhouse Bistro, hand carved into the side of the mountain, breathtaking views of Banff and the Bow Valley, mountain climbing on the Via Ferrata, an interpretive walkway, and bighorn sheep.
There are two main trails from the Mt Norquay main car park.

Stoney Squaw Mountain
Distance: 4.2 km return
Elevation Gain: 190m
Time Required: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Hike through a beautiful lodgepole pine and spruce tree forest for a unique view of Cascade Mountain, and peaks of the Fairholme Range. During the ascent, hikers will enjoy unique views of Banff, Vermilion Lakes and surrounding mountain ranges. This trail is also popular for mountain biking.

Cascade Amphitheatre
Distance: 15.4 km return
Elevation Gain: 640m
Time Required: 4-6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
The hike begins at the Mt. Norquay ski area, crosses a bridge over Forty Mile Creek, and then zigzags its way through the dense forest to Cascade Amphitheatre. As you emerge into the amphitheatre, impressively enclosed by limestone cliffs, keep your eyes out for wildflowers.

This is a non-refundable ticket once purchased, and is valid for the current operating season it is purchased in.
  • The minimum age for this package is 3 years old and a minimum weight of 30lbs.
  • Children under the age of 18 must have an adult accompanying them on the Canmore Float Tour.
  • Every participant is required to sign an activity waiver prior to commencing the Canmore Float Tour.
  • Every participant is required to wear a Personal Flotation Device on the Canmore Float Tour.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the Banff Sightseeing Chairlift.
  • The maximum combined weight is 226kg (500lbs) per chair on the Banff Sightseeing Chairlift.
Canmore River Float Adventure
Take a scenic river tour and float along the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies
Take a scenic family float along the Bow River near Banff
Float along the gentle Bow River on a scenic float tour in the Canadian Rockies
See wildlife on a scenic Canmore float tour on the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies near Banff
Banff Sightseeing Chairlift
The open-air chairlift at Banff Mount Norquay is very safe
Sightsee over Banff from the Mount Norquay Banff Sightseeing Chairlift in the Canadian Rockies
Enjoy mountain views while dining at the Cliffhouse Bistro at Mount Norquay up the Banff Sightseeing Chairlift in Banff in the Canadian Rockies