Discover Banff Tours operate the 3 different Ice walk tours available in and around Banff.

Must Do in Banff

Johnston Canyon IceWalk

The Canadian Tourism Commission has awarded Discover Banff Tours' Johnston Canyon IceWalk as a Canadian Signature Experience - essentially an adventure that shouldn't be missed!

On the Johnston Canyon IceWalk ® there are some wildlife watching opportunities on the Bow Valley Parkway wildlife corridor, so your small group (max 12) will keep a keen eye out for wolves, moose, elk and coyotes.  

When we arrive at the canyon, we make sure our guests are safe and comfortable, by providing ice-cleats that strap on over your winter shoes which make walking on the sometimes icy trail, simple.  There are so many stories we can share once inside the canyon, from the gold and silver swindle of 'Silver City', to pointing out the tiny ancient seabed fossils that dot the canyon walls, to modern day thrill seekers ice-climbing adventures.  Our guides transform a beautiful hike into a winter experience.

This tour departs in the morning and afternoon and a shorter, but equally special nighttime tour with headlamps and uplights.

Grotto Canyon IceWalk

A short drive just outside Banff National Park, inside the Grotto Canyon, we actually walk on the frozen creek bed, through a narrow canyon, to a weeping ice waterfall.  Ice climbers can also be seen in this area, but you could easily miss the highlight of the Grotto Canyon IceWalk  - the ancient native pictographs, if it's not pointed out to you. There is now a theory that one of the symbols could be a Kokapelli, a flute player painted in ochre, used only by the Hopi people, some 500-1300 years ago

All these IceWalks offer a unique winter experience for visitors from close and far away.

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