Banff Hiking Tours

We’ve selected 4 signature hikes that represent the best trails in Banff and Lake Louise for guided hikes. Banff hiking tours in small groups follow Banff National Park recommendations to reduce wildlife encounters, but you will also enjoy the knowledge and experience your guide provides as they point out flora, fauna and tell you geological and past explorer facts.

In Spring, we focus on the burst of wildflowers in the high alpine; in Summer it's glacier season, so we will get you as close as possible to those, so you can experience hearing the roar of the glacial carving (melt); and in the Fall, it's all about the change of colour with Aspen, Larch and Birch all changes into brilliant golden yellows.

The Discover Banff Tours Hiking Experience

  • Certified hiking guide
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Hiking poles
  • Packed lunch for an alpine picnic
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