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Johnston Canyon IceWalk in Banff National Park

Johnston CanyonJohnston Canyon IceWalk

Hiking the Johnston Canyon trail in Banff National Park to see frozen waterfalls and beautiful columns or blue ice always helps to make a spectacular winter morning.

However there really is something special about driving along the Bow Valley Parkway  on this particular tour.

Looking along the edge of the road into the expanse of the wilderness always brings me to a feeling of relaxation .

There is a sense of tranquility as you stare out into a sea of Lodge Pole pines with the hopes of seeing an elk, a deer, a big horn sheep, moose, or as many of our lucky guests have seen this year, our local Bow Valley wolf pack.

A little red squirrel ran across the road in front of us yesterday and it's red bushy tail was a burst of color in the black and white landscape. 

Simple things make this twice daily tour from Banff one that you will not want to miss.
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